Landforms that Change Because of People

Published: 25th February 2010
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Earth's surface is covered in Landforms. As a people, there are reasons to change land forms.This could be for reasons such as shelter, protection and to catch a person's eye.There are many people who have changed the landforms of today and of the past including construction workers and army engineers.During our lives and the ones before us, the landforms of the world have changed for the people, usually for shelter, but in recent years, permanent homes of what we call houses, apartments andcondos havebeen constructed.

In all of man kind, people have people of the world have been changing land for shelter. The land did not change much for places to live for people over thousands of years ago. Man y people of the past have changed their land forms to construct their places of dwelling out of materials such as sticks and stones or made their homes out of caves. People did not have the needs or tools to change the land they lived on. There was also not a large human population to compete with like we have today.

Different cultures have constructed their houses through out the recent history and our times. Visualize some Native Americans. A couple of tribes constructed their homes on the side of mountains. They did this for many reasons, the main reason because it was an easy place to live. This was very easy for the people of the past to do because it the mountains were near by. The land of the Middle East is similar. These people live in mountains too. The people of this time homes were made of mountains with holes on the side but still mirror the homes we see today.As a people, we became smarter when building shelter, even the tools we used became better, this caused us to live in many places in the world such as mountains and other high places.

Landforms were changed in many different ways during the times of the middle ages. When one of the most famous people of the world, Jesus, was alive, and before him, thepeople made their homes out of the stone in the land. Stone was used in many places. This includes the construction of systems of irrigations and systems of sewers. This brought in water for drinking and bathing. Architects still model their building after this system. Since people have changed landforms, they have been able to live in large communities like they have done in Middle Eastern countries.

Even a few hundred years ago, people lived in homes made out of the plains landforms.A plains area is land with not a lot of tree and is flat. One of the few ways people built their homes is from the land of the Earth. Their labor helped with the making of their homes made out of sod for their roofs and surroundings for the rest of their home. It was a very neat thing to see houses made of mud and dirt. Because of this, the resources of the land were still there and it did not change much of the original landform.

In the more recent history, landforms such as forests and swampy areas have been changed for businesses and places to live. Farm areas and forest land were taken over by businesses so people could establish a place of employment. Houses were then added near swamp areas for people to live and close enough for people to drive to work. The lumber from the tress were used to build homes and other types of dwellings. These landforms were demolished for people to live and work.

Examining how we as people change the landforms to benefit where we live today, land forms have changed drastically because of the change in population. Our homes we live in today are huge compare to what people lived in the past. Food we need are from farms that were once prairies that stretched for miles. We have changed many land forms for a place to live. It is a far cry from the shelters of the past.

Our landforms are changing because the increase in poplution. Now the destruction of landforms such as swamps, lakes and [hills.In our recent past, we have changed the way our landforms look at an alarming rate for what we feel is human need. It is a lot different from a thousand years ago where landforms were built out of clay and sticks. Humans have done this for a more convenient place to live and for protection but it has had an effect on our landforms. If we still want to see our beautiful landforms, we may want to think about where we live today and the shelters we build.

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